These labels are the last line of defense before someone, gets hurt. The labels are fixed to the items or located on stands in special areas, they warn persons about possible risks, which are associated with usage of different equipment, dangerous areas which are under reconstruction, forces of nature etc. They are necessary for keeping people aware of any danger that may happen.  It is a big advantage when labels are fixed in places, without such effects on them as: UV sunrays, acids, abrasives, cleaning liquids etc. In case, when the tags are under influence of negative environment, we provide our clients with anodized aluminum labels, which can resist any severe environment, due to hard aluminium layer, which covered printing, our labels remain anew with the same brightness without any changes. We would like to offer different types of such labels as: electrical warning labels, electrical shock notice, electrostatic warning labels, lockout labels, safety lockout labels, safety signs, mandatory signs, fire safety labels, hazard warning labels, first aid safety labels, body protection labels, respiratory protection labels, ANSI safety labels etc.

Our company has its own  production of marking items based upon own anodized aluminum method named Alumaproof. Ready products, based upon our technology,  have similar physical and chemical properties as goods produced another technologies (for ex. Metalophoto).

While applying our company, you get profound consultation and advices as per your labels to be most perceptive. Alternatively, to standard labels, we are able to create various ready made products, which perfectly fit any purpose you can imagine.  You are to explain us what do you need and our specialists will find solutions to your label design.

There are several important points you should clarify before designing:

  • Sizes of the label
  • Heading
  • Specification of Word Message

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