VIN TAGS (vehicle identification tags) identifies unique features for different vehicles including sequential number used by OEM. They are used for both: commercial and private usage and contains information about vehicle manufacturer, its model, engine number, engine cc, maximum weight etc. These tags are also considered to be like official documents fixed on any vehicle to identify vehicles ownership. Vehicle or VIN tags are traditionally have been made from aluminium. Here can be included different bar codes or QR codes.

Our company has its own  production of marking items based upon own anodized aluminum method named Alumaproof. Ready products, based upon our technology,  have similar physical and chemical properties as goods produced another technologies (for ex. Metalophoto).

Our VIN tags and other plates for vehicles are produced especially from grade black 0.5mm -1mm anodized aluminum, which is intensively used by Nassa and Military all over the world. Upon your requirement we can engrave all necessary information being white upon black surface. We can produce VIN tags for different transport: cars, trucks, motor bikes, boats, horse floats, aircrafts, special powered vehicles etc.   

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