For many years our company deals with technology of image application upon anodized aluminum with resulting of abrasion resistant surface, different metals engraving, galvanizing etc. During this period our team has presented in a structured fashion all different industrial processes and more to be in one integral unit. This ensures that we are able to take on any order despite its volume and processing complexity. We are ones of leading manufacturers of such ready anodized aluminum products based upon our own Alumaproof technology as: anodized name plates, wall diagrams, face plate for equipment, ID tags, exacting scales, vehicle plates, rating plates, decals, safety labels, prohibition labels, valve control labels etc. Our highly equipped production lines and high quality materials enables us to provide high quality products within short terms upon reasonable prices. Our company is not only a distributor of products, but also direct developer and manufacturer of innovative technologies based upon anodized aluminum and engraving. We are not standing at one achievement, everyday our team tries to improve our product technologies and services. Nowadays, we are implementing advanced technologies in our sphere of production for our clients to get better variants of ready products with reasonable prices.

    While cooperating with us, you can find a reliable supplier in the sphere of ready customized anodized aluminium products for your own business.


  • company has its own innovative technology, production lines, high quality materials.
  • qualified staff, who can challenge orders with different complexity
  • free samples
  • reasonable prices
  • short production terms
  • cheap and fast delivery for commercial orders
  • 24/7 assistance and consulting
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