Name plates first of all identify and denote object’s, person’s name and other
characteristics. Generally, nameplates are used for informative purposes and
commercial purposes. For informative purposes, plates are tending to identify
objects (equipment, cars, uniforms) or physical space (doors, premises, conference
rooms, meeting rooms, office cabins, board rooms). Such labels are widely used in
business centers, hotels, schools, colleges, department stores etc. This is the best
way to identify front counters, desks, office areas. For commercial purposes, most
nameplates fixed on different products to designate its product name, brand,
manufacturer and product properties. Normally, the plates on product implies the
impact of famous logo to underline the product. Name plates can be also used in
warehousing ranks, levels, cargoes etc. Name plates can be seen in different
shapes, such as: square, rectangular, round, oval etc. We can proceed with any
shape while using our CNC cutting machine.
Name plates are also very interesting method to reward employers with different
diplomas printed upon anodized aluminium.
It is rather important to choose the right name plates for your purposes, if you are
going them to be seen every day for many years. Our graphic designers can carry
out any fantastic idea into ready-made prototype as per client’s demands. We can
browse a variety of styles and colors for your product customizing. Name plates
usually differs from labels by long life term of object marking. If you choose our
Alumaproof technology based upon anodized aluminum, you will get a perfect
product with a guarantee with more then 50-80 years of active usage under
different (severe) environmental conditions. Our company has its own  production of marking items based upon own anodized aluminum method named Alumaproof. Ready products, based upon our technology,  have similar physical and chemical properties as goods produced another technologies (for ex. Metalophoto).
Name plates could be mounted on the object by means of screws, rivets or double
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