UID label – unique item identification label

UDI label —  unique device identification label

Unique identification labels are special marking labels, which give unique ID to different equipment and items. This method of marking is very important and globally unique for serial equipment with cost over $5000. UID labeling provides data integrity throughout all equipment’s lifecycle.  Therefore, the labels should be readable throughout all lifecycle of equipment. It means, that any hazard environment as: sunrays, acids, cleaning liquids, abrasive etc., cannot effect labels with data. UID was primarily suggested by Ministry of Defense to provide better accountability and designed to distinguish discrete entity from other like and unlike entities. Medicine also uses such method of identification; it facilitates the reduction of medical errors while simplifying integration of information on device use onto medical records.  If your company manufactures a lot of different items and you are going to keep them structuralized and separate, you can identify items within your own Enterprise identifier. Due to 2D Matrix in the format of ISO 15434, it allows electronic capturing of the data. Each labeling item has only one occurrence within the scope of its usage. Such identification method, is rather useful for logistics, data engineering, government taxation. It also provides historical data tracing of assets.

Our company has its own  production of marking items based upon own anodized aluminum method named Alumaproof. Ready products, based upon our technology,  have similar physical and chemical properties as goods produced another technologies (for ex. Metalophoto).

If you choose our technology Alumaproof based upon anodized aluminum, you will get a perfect product with a guarantee with more then 50-80 years of active usage under different (severe) environmental conditions.

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