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Our qualified staff would like to bring to life any fantastic idea into ready-made prototype as per demands of our clients. We can browse a variety of styles and colors for your product customizing. It is phenomenon, but lifecycle of our aluminum plates is more than 50 years, while using them under severe environment!

The core peculiarity of our own technology Alumaproof, is that special paints are being  penetrated directly into aluminum open pore. Loose aluminum pores are characterized by high absorption of paints, fats and oils, such phenomenon printing distinct and high quality. After that, our product is finally processed by galvanization, as a result of which the pores with absorbed paints are being closed. Therefore a transparent, abrasion-resisting, oxyde aluminum layer appears on the printing of  aluminum surface. The printing remains within aluminum structure, but not on its surface, it makes the printing to be inaccessible to acids, UV rays, abrasives and other agressive components.  

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Our anodized aluminium panels are widely used in such different industrial spheres  as: marine, aircraft, automotive, military, machinery, medical etc.

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