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/Our technology

Anodized aluminum labels are based upon unique technology, which enables ready products to withstand the most severe environment. Our manufactured products are allowed to stand: high humidity, sunlight, abrasives, different acids, cleaning solvents, etc. Anodized based products cannot peel or crack even after years of active usage. Generally, our company produces anodized aluminum items based upon metallography and silk screen printing methods. No matter, whether we have to produce oval, round, square or other shapes we can proceed with it by means of die cutting or by CNC, depending upon requirements and specifications. There are two main variants for labels fixation: by means of rivet holes or different adhesives, depending upon type of surface they have to be fixed.

Our company has its own  production of marking items based upon own anodized aluminum method named Alumaproof. Ready goods, based upon our technology,  have similar physical and chemical properties as goods produced another technologies (for ex. Metalophoto). We can produce: different plates, tags, tables, exact scales, wall diagrams, face plates for equipment etc.

Anodizing (anodic oxidation) – galvanic process as a result of which increases the thickness of oxide layer on the printing of metal surface. This is analogue for metalphoto method. Anodizing allows to get transparent porous oxide coatings, which are characterized by high hardness and durability. Oxide layer could be painted and transformed into ceramic layer by means of strengthening process. The thickness of oxide layer on our items is about 18-22 microns.

This is an unique technology, which enables to print an image directly into the structure of aluminum but not on its surface as usually. As a consequence, our products possess such greatest advantages as absolute durability and photographic quality!



Splashes of solt brines 70% Without changes
Humidity effect 95% Without changes
Hydrocarbonate solution MIL-S-3136 Without changes
Kerosene Without changes
Skydrol (hydraulic liquid) Without changes
Motor oil Without changes
Athyl acetate Without changes
Mineral alcohol Without changes
ethanol Without changes
NaCl 10% Without changes
NaCl 20% Without changes
Ferry-cloride 10% Without changes
Ammonia hydroxide 10% (for 16 hours) Light dimming
Soap solution MIL-P-21563 Without changes
Sulphuric acid 10% (for 12 hours) Without changes
Phosphoric acid 10% Without changes
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